MISOM | About Us
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About Us


Mining Information Systems and Operations Management (MISOM) Technologies Inc.

is an integrated information technology and mine operations product design firm.

Mobile Native Apps (FARA)

Used in the field by front line supervisors and operators on tablets, smartphone devices and desktops through web-based programs (iOS, Android, Windows)

End-to-End Data Warehouse Reporting Analysis

Transforming information system data into business intelligence for sustainable, measurable operating improvements.

Maximize the Value of a Mine’s Investment

Creating data-generating technology through a combination of IT solutions, best practices, mobile apps, and educational services.

Transforming a Mine’s Culture and Systems

Using Misom Mobile Apps eliminates paper-based data collection on the front-line, engaging in a full corporate technological realignment for a sustainable, action-oriented organization.

C-Level to Front Line Integration

Misom solutions and applications are embraced by all levels of the organization, from the frontline sales staff, designers and programmers; directly through to the President.

Engineering PhDs

Senior technical leadership in MISOM have PhDs in engineering, rooted in very practical research with real mines.