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Innovative Mobile & Web Applications

Field Analysis & Reporting Application (FARA)

FARA is a mobile app developed as a fleet and management system for small to medium-sized mines, quarries, and industrial mineral operations, because traditional mine fleet management is often too expensive.  MISOM has packed it with features such as button-less transitions, digital forms, and gamified real-time personal feedback.

  • Mining’s most affordable fleet & personnel management system
  • Simple to setup, use, and augment
  • Surface & underground positioning (through beacons)
  • Proximity monitoring
  • Feature-packed
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Dynamic Real-time Simulator

This application is being productized from licensed intellectual property from the University of Arizona’s Mine Intelligence Research Group.  It’s origin is from a $2M R&D project with one of the world’s largest coal producer.  It is now being adapted for one of the world’s largest copper mines.

  • Tracking all machines (heavy & light vehicles) in real-time & historical
  • No manual entry, all records are drawn directly from live fleet management databases
  • Develop & test new dispatch optimization algorithms, traffic rules, etc…
  • Test what-if scenarios in real-time based on actual conditions
  • Available to other clients in 3Q2016
  • Public research publications and presentations available, click below.
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