MISOM | Field Analysis & Reporting Application (FARA)
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Field Analysis & Reporting Application (FARA)

What is FARA?


FARA is a fleet and personnel management system designed specifically for mines, quarries, and construction sites.  It is incredibly affordable, simple to use and set-up while being deeply configurable and packed with features.

What does FARA do?


The key data collection and reporting actions  such as production and delay tracking, situational awareness for supervisors, digital forms, a complete suite of addictive real-time feedback, reports, dashboards, and analytics.

Fleet & Personnel Management

Fleet & Personnel Management

  • Uses the best tablet on the market: iPads (any iOS device)
  • Back-end can be installed as a cloud or local server
  • Uses Wi-Fi or cellular for communications
  • Captures delays, work cycles, and other custom events
  • Tracks movement when logged-in as dismounted operator or when mounted in a machine
  • Easily configurable

Low-Cost but Ultra Hardened Off the Shelf Hardware

Order your own hardware or use our turn-key design.

Example use: Hard-case, ram-mount, USB charger or power-supply.

Our suggested set-up.

Our suggested set-up.

For a permanently mounted in-cab power supply.



Military spec cases ensuring long operational life & ram-mounts.

Coal company's set-up

Coal company's set-up

Create your own-setup (i.e. standard auto-USB charger).

Ultra Unique Feature: Broadcasting

No wireless communication?  Need to communicate between machines? FARA can broadcast a status, state, or custom data such as material type.

Example use: the loader operator sets the material type, broadcasts it to haulage units during loading.

Automated Cycle Sequence Triggers

Automate the sequences in a cycle through configurable triggers.  Far fewer button-pushes by operators to keep track of their cycles.

Example use: Sequences in the haulage cycle: Hauling Empty, Queuing, Loading, Hauling Full, Queue at dump, Dumping,…







Configurable triggers.

Configurable triggers.

Touch-less transition triggers optionally using GPS or BLE Beacons, automates cycles and time-codes.

Digital Forms: replace paper

Smart Digital Forms to Replace Paper

  • Replaces paper forms and the need for data entry clerks
  • Data is available immediately for reporting or form printing
  • Synchronizing drop-down lists to ensure form consistency
  • Uses device sensors: geotags, GPS, camera, audio, accelerometer, etc…
  • Use device advantages: dictation, spell check, texting, etc…
More Info

Advantages to Using Digital Forms over Paper.

Savings in time & money, but also consider consistence: completing forms when & as required.

Example: Daily forms required by supervisors & operators to fulfill safety, auditing, and training requirements.

Preoperational Checklist

Preoperational Checklist

Complete checklist in the field, viewed immediately by the supervisor or maintenance planner…



Official safety and compliance forms, e.g. 5000-23.



Semi-automated forms through drop-downs, sync’ing with databases



Make it legal by adding signature or initial boxes.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT sensors

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons

Off-the-shelf sensors

Qualcomm Gimbal Series 10 (above), and series 21 (below).

50-150m range, 60-300 day battery life.

$5 – $30 per unit

Devices are Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Devices are both beacons and recievers

Underground & Indoors

Triangulating distance underground & indoors

Lower-cost & more flexible than RFIDs



Approximating distance

Detecting wearable beacons & carried devices

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Hierarchy

Dashboards, Reports, Real-Time Feedback, Ad-Hoc Analysis: powered from an open database available.



PDF & Web reports, emailed on a schedule.

Custom reports delivered within a 1 day request.



Responsive visualizations: from an iPad, to a desktop, to a control room.

Scoreboards to motivate, status boards to inform, decision support to optimize.



Real-time feedback to operators

Performance enhancement through addictive gamified design



Excel-based analytics: all data is available through MS Excel

Create problem-solving analytics to investigate issues & automate excel-reports