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Information Sheet

08 Oct Small Plant Monitoring

Plant Monitoring: many companies have installed complex SCADA systems but must then have operators fill-out paper forms to record key breakdowns or production metrics. An agreement with OSIsoft allows us to bring the Pi system, arguably the industry’s best Historian, to operations that have not...

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08 Oct Forms

Even the most modern mine collects data via paper and pen. Supervisors, maintenance personnel, and machine operators report safety, production, and machine health issues through printed spreadsheet forms or custom-printed log books. This paper bound data is then input by clerks, often only partially, into...

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08 Oct LFMS

Mobile smart phones and tables are revolutionary, allowing us to track people and machines as well, or better, than what we use today. Their mobility and accessibility can even replace the last data bottleneck in mines: paper and pen.   With a case, they can be...

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