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08 Oct Small Mine

Affordable Technology-driven OptimizationMine Optimization Technology does not have to be expensive or complicated…

The accessibility of optimization technology is now open to mines of any size. Mo-bile apps, interface design, and the cloud has allowed optimization to reach our eve-ry-day lives,… why not our mines? MISOM leverages Web 2.0 technologies, tablets, and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) to bring similar, and sometimes more ca-pabilities than even the most expensive fleet management systems available,… ex-cept we make it more accessible, affordable, and simple to maintain and use.

MISOM’s vision is to derive maximum value from data and technology, and identi-fied a enormous unmet need—providing technology solutions that are accessible even to operations and that don’t need technical support, often small and mid-sized mines, mining contractors, and quarries.

Mobile: some key companies have spent billions in R&D to deliver powerful, stable, sensor-laden tablets, ideal for field use, then make it easy for developers to create beau-tiful interactive easily deployed apps. We use this awesome hardware.

The Cloud: virtual servers can be created in the cloud, allowing a complete robust data infrastructure back-end to be set-up in minutes, even within your domain. Furthermore, the virtual environments can be created with amazing software pre-installed and config-ured, such as OSIsoft’s Pi system or MISOM’s FARA desktop.

The Internet of Things: MISOM works directly with makers of new sen-sors, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, that allow precise posi-tioning and proximity both underground and indoor. This is only the be-ginning: soon sensors and apps will be interacting with a sensor infused environment…

Big Data: MISOM’s origins are in data integration. Although mines do not produce the terabytes of data that Big Data clusters were designed to crunch, the NoSQL aspect of Big Data truly facilitates integration.

Gamification: An engaging interactive interface is key to modern app design. Social interaction, achievements, points, and micro-awards are all game-design approaches that create an addiction to performance. We use these to create an engaging user ex-perience, subtly but surely increasing performance in safety and productivity.

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