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Our Latest Development: BLE Beacons


Positioning System for Underground DATA

Written by Daniel Moore on Tuesday November 3rd, 2015


Unlike open air operation, indoor and underground data collection technologies do not have the benefit of GPS positioning. Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) proximity-aware transmitting devices promise to make that problem a foot note in history.


Recent testing at the San Xavier Underground Mining Laboratory provided some exciting results. By combining BLE proximity-aware beacons and MISOM Technologies Fleet Management System the team was able to collect detailed position, status, and machine cycle information.


Additionally, the system communicates peer to peer so each fleet configured device communicates independently with every other device. BLE eliminates the need for a radio network collecting information as it comes in contact with other BLE proximity regions (75-150 meters).


Operators can utilize this technology to see the proximity of other machines as well as personnel equipped with a proximity-aware transmitting device. Unlike network dependent technologies, BLE beacons are Wi-Fi independent, eliminating the cost of a radio network and single points of failure.


FARA detecting a nearby haulage truck.

FARA can now detect nearby machines, people and locations using BLE technologies.


BLE devices are portable and inexpensive. They can be purchased for as little as $5.00 each when purchased in bulk, and they utilize battery power to broadcast their location. Therefore, there is no need to tie into a permanent power source.


The cost of ownership for a complete BLE enabled Fleet Management System is now less expensive than the wireless network costs that support most existing Fleet Management Technologies.


Testing was conducted by: Ericka Tucker, Damian Watson and Zac Carter


About the author: Daniel Moore is the Product Manager for FARA, a Light Fleet Management System at MISOM Technologies in Tucson, Arizona. MISOM injects cultural transformation into businesses by providing easily accessible, integrated data, coupled with process re-engineering know-how. www.misom.com Daniel Moore +1 (520) 245 4620o.

Check out MISOM’s FARA application in action by looking at our YouTube playlist below.