MISOM | Solution: Data-to-Action
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Solution: Data-to-Action

Integrating Technology, Reegineering Workflows, Creating Sustainable Change

MISOM Integrates Data-Driven Mine Technology

To Maximize Technology’s Impact


Companies invest in many expensive technologies that often generate lots of data that is underutilized.


Experience has proven that simply buying technology does not result in its effective use nor integration.


Restrictive or elaborate reporting environments do not result in proper analysis nor process reengineering.


Technology & Services

Expert services to solidify and then integrate 3rd-party mine system technologies.

  • Fleet management systems
  • High-precision GPS products
  • Historians
  • Enterprise systems

Who is this for...

Large technology-infused operations with under-used information-based tech.

  • Mines with under-used technology
  • Mines acquiring new technologies
  • Corporations with multiple mines


Maximize existing technology by considering people, process, and technology platforms.

  • Optimized fleets
  • Improved safety
  • Motivated operators
  • Data mining


Worksites must coordinate people, machines, and materials through simple yet robust tools.

  • Sustainable advanced improvements; M2M, ABC, 6s
  • Ongoing IT support

% Reduction in shift change time


% Reduction in cost per ton


% Reduction in incident rate


% Increase in BCM per month moved


% Increase in fresh feed into the SAG mill


% Increase in information utilization

How is this done?

Creating and sustaining an integrated real-time and historical integrated solution for reporting, analysis, and continuous improvement, Step-by-Step:

01 Solidify

Audit then fix existing 3rd party data sources. Add new data collection tech such as FARA when needed.

02 Integrate

Integrate data sources while considering data source types: relational (mine), process (plant), and unstructured (web/IoT) applying nomenclature best practices.

03 Necessitate

Create information addiction through scorecards and unique motivational feedback (i.e. gamification).

04 Elevate

Achieve a higher-level of sustained complex process improvements by leveraging unique technical expertise, such as Mine to Mill, Holistic Dispatch algorithms, 6 Sigma, etc.

05 Support

Tweak and Maintain the system as data systems change and improvement opportunities present themselves.  Provide follow-up training.

Example Outcomes from 10 years of delivering DW ROI

Report Automation

Automate elaborate reporting environments through integration.


Create a cultural transformation through information addiction and gamification.

Continuous Improvement

Facilitates ad-hoc analysis by making big data available through MS Excel.

Mine to Mill

Optimize plant throughput by improved tracking or more advanced data mining.

Tire Monitoring

Integrate tire history with mobile equipment monitoring and feedback to operators.

Control Room

Creating visualizations that motivate and guide decision making.

Run for Reliability

Data mining of machine health information with frequent operator feedback resulting in reliability .

Real-Time Costing

Integrating cost and mobile equipment monitoring allowing improved budgeting and visualizing costs in real-time.

Real-time Simulation

Linking simulation with real-time equipment monitoring supporting real-time decision making.

Operator Scorecards

Leverage operator feedback to achieve ideal performance and behavior.

Data Mining

Predictive, clustering, decision tree algorithms, advanced analytics.

Business Intelligence Hierarchy

Delivering the right information, at the right time, in the right place, including in the field on a tablet.

How is MISOM Different?

Deep experience and thorough applied research has taught us what to do, and what not to do… We now apply these philosophies to ensure the solutions are successful over the long-term.

We Know Mining

We Know Mining

MISOM has real practical experience with mine planning, and data-driven mining and mineral processing technologies.  Mining is a hybrid of several other industrial sectors: construction, manufacturing, and processing.

3Ps: People Process Platform

3Ps: People Process Platform

MISOM takes a holistic approach.  Successful technology solutions consider PEOPLE (skills, culture, motivations), PROCESSES (workflows), and the Technology PLATFORM.

Business Intelligence Hierarchy

Business Intelligence Hierarchy

MISOM knows the difference between a dashboard, scoreboard, statusboard, scorecard, reports, and analytics.  Knowing this difference is key to a successful business intelligence system.

turn Data into Action

turn Data into Action

Data: solidifying data sources through nomenclature. Information: integrating and contextualizing data. Knowledge: applying innovative and existing proven concepts like 6s. Action: reengineering and reinforcing change.

Case Studies

Mine to Mill

Optimizing drilling & blasting at a large copper mine by integrating many data sources into a data warehouse to maximize SAG throughput.

Operator Scorecards

Motivating improved productivity and reduced machine abuse through operator feedback using scorecards, at a large coal mine with dragline monitoring technology.

Activity Based Costing

Setting-up an activity based costing system (costs and production records) and providing easy-access to cost transactions to reduce unit costs.

Management Scorecards

The most effective way to create information addiction; implementing scorecards at the cultural leaders at the mine site.  Managers through to supervisors powered by the MISOM data warehouse.