MISOM | Solution: Dynamic Industrial Worksite Optimization
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Solution: Dynamic Industrial Worksite Optimization

Production & Safety Optimization through a Mobile App, Internet of Things (IoT), fixed-plant monitoring, globally recognized expert services..

Worksite Production and Safety Optimization through a Tablet Mobile App and Internet of Things (IoT) Tracking, fixed-plant monitoring, and globally recognized expertise.

Dynamic Industrial Worksites

  • Small & Medium-sized mines
  • Quarries
  • Industrial mineral operations
  • Contract miners
  • Civil construction
Characteristics of these worksites

  • Little to no technology
  • Limited wireless connectivity
  • No on-staff technical support
  • Relatively smaller equipment
  • Very tight margins
  • Transitory worker
  • Throughput not necessarily the objective
  • Limited insight
  • Reporting is paper-driven

Civil Construction

Civil Construction

Tracking people & equipment



Automatically calculating productivity & timesheets

Crush Plant

Crush Plant

Automatically detecting and appending down events.



Tracking machines, people, and inventory.

Medium & Small Mines

Medium & Small Mines

Applying similar or better optimization opportunities to smaller mines that are usual for large mines.



Easily monitor contractor and leased machines and integrate with existing data.


Dynamic industrial worksites are often overlooked by traditional mining tech providers because their technology is prohibitively expensive and overly complex for this market.


MISOM Technologies has recognized that the next-gen technology is transforming our personal lives, through tablets, big data, IoT, and web-based technology, and that this tech can be leveraged to transform the dynamic industrial workplace.


This will bring the optimization and safety capabilities of large mines, to dynamic industrial worksites of any size.


Technology & Services

Established modern technology backed-up by the largest tech companies in the world.

  • Best Tablet Hardware
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud & locally hosted big data
  • Unstructured & structured data
  • Production optimization expertise
  • Reporting automation

Who is this for...

Bringing optimization and safety technology capabilities of large mines to industrial worksites of any size.

  • Small & medium sized mines
  • Quarries
  • Construction
  • Contractors
  • Forestry


Using technology to maximize safety and productivity while in compliance.

  • Fleet optimization
  • Automated / rapid form completion
  • Data fed automatically into database
  • Highly motivational feedback
  • Greater safety compliance
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower cost
  • Reduced safety incidents


Worksites must coordinate people, machines, and materials through simple yet robust tools.

  • Equipment & personnel tracking
  • Automated Plant monitoring
  • Supervision
  • Digital forms & embedded photos
  • Customizable dispatch & alerts
  • Motivation through gamification
  • Proximity monitoring

% Increase in Productivity


% Reduction in paper-based reporting


x Current-gen FMS price when compared to FARA


Unique features


% boost in operator productivity


% descrease in shift change time

Features of the solution

Cycle Tracking

Configure to track productive cycles for any process including options such as material type.


GPS or Beacon-based triggers avoid much of the need of operator input

Event Tracking

Easily log statuses, such as delays, activities, or downs

Exception Alerts

Trigger events such as the need to input a down or delay when immobile

Camera, Audio Dictation…

Use the features of all tablets such as camera, GPS, dictation, etc…

Signature Capture

Include the need for signatures on all regulatory forms or visitor sign-ins.

Mil-spec hardware case

Tablet cases that have a military spec ensuring long tablet-life


Continuously track location, region entries, etc…

Underground & Indoor

Indoor and underground position tracking using Bluetooth low Energy (BLE) tech

Proximity Monitoring

BLE-based proximity monitoring between machine-mounted tablets and wearable beacons

Free Upgrades

Easily update the app through the app store, free with subscription.

Browser-based Setup

Use a browser to setup the system, view reports, etc.


Frontline supervisor can track machines & his/her own movements.


Common MS SQL Server open-schema database


Can be optionally be hosted in the cloud.

LTE, Wi-Fi

All the wireless communications available in iOS tablets.


Responsive dashboard that resizes and formats for viewing on a tablet or large control room environment.

Automated reporting

Regularly emailed daily reports of forms, productivity, and safety.

MS Excel

All data viewable through MS Excel for ad-hoc analysis.

Personnel & Materials

Bluetooth-based Personnel and materials tracking

Low Cost

A fraction of the cost of current-gen technology, even less costly than paper-pen-clerk

Gamified Performance

Motivate employees and managers by delivering gamified feedback


Optional analytical support to find improvement opportunities

Removable hardware

Easily installed, and detachable ideal for completing pre-shift inspections or use in contractor machines.

Small Plant Monitoring

Track the delays and performance of small crush plants

Cloud Historian

Avoid the complexity of historian configuration and maintenance but gain the immense benefits


Supplement any digital information (such as a work order or plant delay) through a browser.